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FotD: The Mesopotamian Edimmu dating back to almost 6,000 years ago is the world’s first vampire!

So, do you believe in vampires or do you believe their fake? Personally, I believe they were all just made up by some crazy Mesopotamian that found a mushroom they weren’t supposed to eat. The Mesopotamian’s actually said that their “Edimmu” was the result of an improper burial(which is why they took care of their dead) or a very violent death. I guess now-a-days one of these Edimmu’s drinking your blood enough to kill you counts as a violent death. The Edimmu was not only the first creature that drank blood, but it was also the first Physic Vampire. While they aren’t burned by the sunlight, they do avoid it, and they seem to be located in dark places.

Since then, Edimmu has evolved to the glittering, love-sick, boorish vampires we see in Twilight. Let me tell you, if vampires did exist they would not be like this and here’s why.

Vampires are all known as living forever and drinking blood. The living forever part I can kind of see being true if some brilliant scientist happened to figure out how to keep ourĀ Telomeres(A strand in DNA that is related to aging) would never get shorter when cells divide. However, this would only mean that we do not look older nor will we be able to have cell death, cancer, or a chromosome malfunction. Still, we would die if someone cut an artery or something.

The other part about drinking blood is already true. There is a personality disorder called Renfield’s Syndrome, which is also called Clinical Vampirism. Surprisingly, most of the people with the symptoms are men. It’s said that this syndrome starts before or during puberty. That’s when they begin having sexual fantasies about ingesting blood.
When they finally do ingest blood they begin with their own, but then they lead up to drinking other’s blood.

So, I guess in certain cases you can call someone a vampire. A delusion, psycho vampire, but still a vampire.

But maybe one day these delusional vampires will be a scientist and will activate Telomerase(which makes the telomeres keep going), and then they will truly be a real vampire. Too bad, they probably won’t have the super strength or mind reading powers, because otherwise I’d totally sign up to be a vampire. I’d just, you know, starve to death.