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Book Review Time!

THE Ghost Bird Series!

So, this will be the first book I review. Can I just say it’s an ongoing series with 10 almost 11 books! And the brilliant author of this book is thankfully planning many more books to come! I just cannot get enough of her writing!

C.L Stone is the author. She can write detail in a way that it doesn’t bore me. She can write dialogue between not just one or two main characters but ten main characters! That’s not even including all of the minor characters that pop up throughout the book! Her ability to keep personalities consistent and yet still she has something new to give the readers in the books is such an incredible feat and I applaud her!

Now, I’m going to talk about the series itself. It begins with Introductions. The main character, Sang Sorenson, is about to escape her hellish home for just one night. She’s sheltered and she doesn’t know anyone on the street that she recently moved on. She’s always been told that when she goes outside she’ll get kidnapped or raped.

You can imagine poor Sang’s terror when she hears something coming from behind her. A dog suddenly jumps on her, leading her to meet his owner. Kota. Smart, handsome, and oh so helpful. He decides to take her in and help her despite everything. It sets off a chain of events that no one would ever suspect. She meets all seven boys that seem oh so close. They’re brothers. But they have secrets and she knows it. She doesn’t want to scare away her newfound friends, but she also has trouble being with them because of her punishing mother. It’s no surprise that when she meets these guys, her life is bound to change for forever.

Sang- Timid, loyal, compassionate

Max- The intelligent dog that runs her over!

Kota- Smart, authoritative

Victor- Determined, musically inclined

Silas- Quiet, comforting

Nathan- Athletic, boy next door

Gabriel- Creative, Playful

Luke- Sneaky, Daydreamer

North- Dark, Protective

Dr. Green- Flirty, My ideal type

Mr. Blackbourne- Perfect, stern