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FotD: A couple lizards actually have horns around or near their eyes, and when they want to they can squirt blood up to four feet away!

So, today I picked up a lizard. It was small and didn’t have any teeth, so I really was surprised when it bit me. I still have a big red mark on my thumb. (I’m pretty sure that the lizard that bit me is the type in the picture. A five-lined Skink) Anyways, that got me thinking about lizards and stuff.

They’re actually pretty cool. Some lizards have different coping mechanisms to different threats. You know, just like humans. Some run, some fight…Some bite.

So, there are many ways that these small lizards can defend themselves. Such as, squirting blood out of horns, have venom(though very few are actually graced with venom), having teeth(even if they don’t have teeth, trust me it hurts.), sometimes they change color depending on their mood or environment. And of course they can regenerate slightly.

The lizard can actually go through what is called Caudal Anatomy, and what this means is that they can literally amputate their own tail. Their tail is made so that there isn’t much blood loss or trauma to the parts surrounding the tail. This means that when you grab a lizard and its tail falls off, you probably didn’t pull it off and hurt the poor thing. It more than likely done it on purpose to get away from you. Yep, they literally cut off their own tail from their body.

However, after they amputate their tail, they also regenerate. They regenerate by sending leukocytes and making sure there isn’t very much inflammation. By doing this, their tail will regenerate and be fully functional a little more than 60 days. It may seem like a long time, but think about it. How long does it take you to grow hair from being bald to down to you shoulders. Yep, it takes a while and our hair isn’t even a limb. We can’t grow those back.



Just a Thought

So, as you’ll find out, I’m going to start off every post with my Fact of the Day (FotD). Here it is!

FotD: Coyotes “sing” to communicate with other families and so they can keep track of their own family.

This will be about coyotes! Recently, I was inspired by a certain coyote that lingers outside of my room. He howls and growls when he’s close to my house, but when he’s over the river the pitch changes frequency. Thinking about it, it kind of sounds like a tiny baby with a really deep voice singing. Now, I realize that he’s other talking to other coyote families or he’s talking to his own.

Do you know much about coyotes?

Coyotes are also called the American Jackal because they can be found all over North America. They might even be in your backyard like they are in mine. They also walk on their toes! Weird, right? I presume it’s because they’re always trying to sneak up on the next unsuspecting prey rather than some other reason than the fact that they are just digitigrades(which just simply means that they are a species that walks on their toes).

Coyotes use the buddy system just like children are taught to use nowadays. They’re also smart. When attacking prey, one coyote will distract the poor, unsuspecting animal, while the other coyote will attack it from behind. Vicious? Or just crazy smart and trying to survive? I like to believe the latter as I don’t believe anything that is instinctual is vicious. Robots, yes. Coyotes, no.

Coyotes, in fact, do not go looking for trouble they’re just curious about our world. Wouldn’t you be if you spent most of your days in the woods with no internet? I’m pretty sure I’d feel so disconnected from the world that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! Coyotes are terribly timid and will usually run away when approached. They’re scared of us and our society more than anything. Still, they are animals. Animals rely on their instincts. Do not try to approach a coyote and do not turn your back on it. Simply make loud noises, make yourself look larger than you are, and if you have it, throw water at them. For some reason, I’m finding throwing water at them scares them, but it seems more provoking than terrifying so personally I wouldn’t do that.

So, this is coyotes! Now you know a little about them if you didn’t, and if you did then you might know a little more than me so go ahead and comment if you have anything more to add about coyotes!

I’ll be updating whenever I get another thought, so it probably won’t take more than a week!